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9- Inch HOt Rod Diff cover

Kiwi innovation at its best and how neat is this! A heavy duty diff backing cover that’s cool looking as well as tough and practical.

Graham Berry Race Cars machines your 9-inch diff housing to accept its heavy duty T6 alloy cover, which is machined for drain and fill plugs that double for cooler pump inlet and outlet. Heavy duty bolts go through the cover to pre load main caps to help keep everything where it should be. No need to pull wheels, brakes, backing plates and axles out for a simple gear inspection – just drain oil and remove cover for full access.
The alloy cover helps dissipate heat, has extra oil capacity and, if running a cooler, prolongs gear life considerably. A unique and practical solution to upgrade your 9-inch diff.

27 T Roadster

Phil Kings 27 T Roadster was a ground up build. Phil provided a body and is using a blown big block Chevy, power glide and 9” set up. Super bell axel up front with mono leaf spring. Because there was no room on the fire wall for conventional brake booster set up KRC have mounted booster and dual master cylinder at 90 degrees between fire wall and dash.  Phil’s taken the car to wire to a running state so he can make sure everything is going to work together before stripping and final assembly. Phil’s going to use this car as his daily driver and it should be a real weapon! Motor finally in the hole. This is going to be one cool looking street car. Hope Phil keeps his foot out of it till he figures out what direction it’s going to go in!

79 Corvette

This ’79 vette came to us as a runner but very very tired. There was a lot of parts missing or broken and a lot of wiring that went nowhere. KRC is giving the car a general tidy up so the customer can enjoy it without the worry of something falling off. Parts include new instruments, new dash, full weather strip kit and side pipes.


Mike’s mustang was a full custom job; there isn’t much that has been left standard on the car. To the untrained eye the body looks standard but there has been a huge amount of subtle panel work performed on the car. Custom front and rear suspension by KRC including independent 9” diff and  cold bent 4140 sway bars  mounted on billet hangers, handmade aluminium dash, MX5 door handles and even a pop out umbrella are just a few of the modifications made to this vehicle. Oil filter is hidden behind left hand headlight plumbed in aluminium lines. Twin oil coolers sit in front of radiator. Shock towers scolloped to provide more room for headers. Electrically boosted brakes do the stopping through Willwood callipers. Mike is flat out assembling the car and hopefully we will see the finished product soon.

Super Boat Build

Ray is stepping up to Super Boat in time for the World Series next season. Injected engine, dry sump and new lay back containment seats are some of the updates we are doing. The injected engine is sitting on new motor plates. The roll cage is getting moved forward to accommodate new seats, plus, shift the balance of the boat. With a new paint job and signage this will be one slick machine!

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